About the Muni Rider Voter Guide

The Muni Rider Voter Guide is a project of the N Judah Chronicles. Its purpose is to help you, the Muni Owner/Rider learn more about the candidates running for Supervisor in the 2010 elections. The questionnaire is designed to help you decide for yourself whom you believe would be the best people to deal with the challenges Muni and the SFMTA will face in the next four years.

Rather than focus on minutiae or “gotcha” questions, the questionnaire was designed to allow candidates a chance to express themselves honestly and completely as to their views about Muni, getting around town in general, and how they’d confront difficult decisions in office. The hope is that the site will allow the Muni Owner/Rider a bit more insight into who’s running for office than traditional media coverage and debates provide.

The Muni Rider Voter Guide is not affiliated with any existing organizations or political parties, and does not take any advertising, nor will it make any endorsements.

Donations to cover the cost of running the site are accepted, but will not influence the content of the site, which is mostly created by the candidates themselves who answer the questionnaire.

About the N-Judah Chronicles

Greg Dewar is a freelance copywriter living in the Inner Sunset and is the creator and author of the N-Judah Chronicles, a blog about San Francisco life as seen from the point of view of a Muni Owner/Rider. The blog started as an email to 20 friends in 2005 when Dewar (who was without a car for the first time in decades) attempted to take the N-Judah to Safeway, with bewildering results.

From that email, he began blogging about his experiences on Muni, local history, and local businesses, and began to apply his past as a political consultant to investigate why Muni can be both the best and worst transit system he’s had the opportunity to use, and how to advocate for the hundreds of thousands of Muni Owners that live and work in San Francisco.

The N Judah Chronicles was voted “Best Local Blog” in the 2008 Bay Guardian “Best of the Bay ” reader’s poll. Greg also co-authored the SF Weekly cover story The Muni Death Spiral with SF Weekly reporter Joe Eskenazi, which took an in-depth look at Muni’s current state of affairs.