The Questionnaire

Candidates can Download the Official Questionnaire HERE.

Candidates can Download the Official Rules HERE.

Muni Rider Voter Guide Rules

The Muni Rider Voter Guide is your chance to talk to San Francisco voters who rely on a functioning mass transit system. The questionnaire is designed for you to have a forum to talk to voters openly and honestly about the issues facing Muni now, and in the future.

Please bear in mind that the questionnaire is designed for you to speak freely. We’re not fishing for specific answers the way others might – instead we want voters to get to know you better, find out how you make decisions, and how you would confront the challenges Muni faces, both now and in the next four years. This is a forum where honesty is rewarded!

Most importantly, we want you to have some fun with the questionnaire – if we’re not having fun during a campaign, what’s the point, right?

You will be emailed a link the questionnaire to the email address provided to the Department of Elections. If no email address was provided, but an email was found on the website URL you provided to the DOE, an e-mail will be sent there.

If neither an email address OR a website were provided, we will try to find an alternate contact, but we are advising people to check the site and download a copy for themselves. (It’s the 21st century, and email is free via a variety of sources, so there’s no reason not to have one anymore).

That said here are a few rules we’d ask you please respect:

1. Please email your questionnaire (along with a JPEG image of you if you wish) to . Note the date you’ve returned the questionnaire, and be sure to include an official campaign email address and phone number so we can verify the questionnaire returned in your name is in fact yours.

We would like candidates to respond no later than September 7th, 2010 so that responses are available for the fall campaign. We encourage people to submit a response sooner than that, if possible, given the number of candidates this year. Plus, your opponents are likely to respond soon, so time is of the essence!

Responses received after September 7th might be posted as time allows, but will not receive any special attention, either.

2. Please carefully review your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your answers will be copied DIRECTLY from whatever you submit, and we will not edit your work. If you go past 150 words, your answers will be truncated to fit.

3. Please do not refer to your opponents in your answers. This is not a forum for back-and-forth between candidates, nor one for mudslinging. Instead, focus on your own ideas for Muni.

4. Please avoid foul language or other things that would not appeal to a general audience. Yes, this is San Francisco, but let us keep this forum rated PG please.

5. Please submit your response in either plain text (.txt), PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word format. We definitely prefer the .txt and .PDF formats, though as they are easier to process).

6. Responses will be posted in the order received. However, if you choose not to respond, please send an email indicating you will not be participating – don’t just refrain from sending a response.

If the Muni Rider Voter Guide receives no response by September 7th, we will make one attempt to contact the campaign. After that, we will not make any additional effort to collect tardy questionnaires.