Muni Rider Voter Guide 2016 Notes

The Muni Rider Voter Guide was started as an experiment in 2010 to try and give voters who have concerns about our Mighty Muni system, and all things Transportation Related some insight into the many candidates that were running for local office. For the most part it turned out fairly well, but like anything else, there are improvements that could be made too.

For 2016, San Francisco voters will have a number of “open” seats on the Board of Supervisors to fill, and will also have an “open” State Senate seat (which covers all of San Francisco as well as portions of San Mateo County). I have been working on a new questionnaire for said campaigns. As always, the intent is not to “stump” candidates on arcane policy matters, nor is it to simply give candidates a chance to repeat canned answers from political propaganda. Instead, the goal is to give you, the voter, some idea of how said candidate will handle the complex issues regarding Muni, etc. should they ascend to higher office.

I am open to suggestions on what kinds of questions would be helpful to voters as they make a decision as to whom to vote for in 2016. You can send suggestions via the contact form in the menu bar above. Thanks!

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