Still awaiting a LOT of Questionnaires…

As of September 1st, we’ve received some questionnaires back in all districts except District 4, but as that’s an uncontested race, I can understand if they’re not returning any of these things (although we wish the incumbent would just for fun.)

A note on how we contacted people – because this is the year 2010, if someone files an email contact address with the Department of Elections, that should be considered an active email account monitored by the candidate or their manager, or volunteers. If no email was provided, we used one provided on a campaign’s official website.

There is a danger in that perhaps this isn’t the “best way” to reach people, but this was part of the test. We live in an era of electronic communication which is no longer a “novelty” – it’s an absolute requirement when interacting with the public and it’s legitimate for the MRVG or any citizen to use such tools and be able to assume they work.

If you’re a voter in Districts 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10, why not ask them why they haven’t responded yet? The due date is rapidly approaching and the important thing is not satisfying us here at the Guide – it’s to help YOU make a decision in November!

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